Are you single?

yes, single & free  boyfriend cheated on me(don't feel sad his loss)

Are you a model?

I have done a bit of modeling, but never movies n stuff i get to shy

Does anyone know what your doing ?

No, not told anyone, but I know my mum gonna find out but till then......YOLO!

Have you ever done stuff like this before

No I have not done anything like this before,i m really  really shy :(

I get nervous some times during my  video stuff.

Do you run this site?

Yes this its all me, I upload my own movies n photos, my mate sometimes helps tho specially with the movies coz he is bit of a GEEK.

Do you fancy chatting?

Yeah add me on twitter or face book. FB-Shelly White/ Twitter @TaraTeen

Are you the only person on this site?

No, as members you also get photos and movies of my friends. The same photogrther who shoots me shot them, sometimes he gets to play lol 


Hey Tara why do planes stay up?

Planes take advantage of Newtons Thirds Law: As Air is moving over, the wings get forced down, there is an equal and opposing force generated. :)

Member Benefits

Always Photographing :-)

Its like the best thing ever. I love it!

- Tara xxx

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Add me on Face book and Twitter.. I don't always have time to reply, but the best time to catch me is weekdays From 8am to 9am,1pm for 1 hour and then after 4pm

  • Leeds, West Yorksire, England
  • tarateen(at)